Weight Loss and Health Care Professionals

Fat Chance! is Ideal for Health Care Practitioners with Weight Loss Clients

Are you a health care professional or otherwise active in weight loss in a professional capacity?

Do you have clients or groups
                        who need help with weight loss?

Fat Chance!
is an ideal resource for weight loss specialists, consultants, Doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, gyms, personal trainers, Schools, psychologists, life coaches and more, to use with their weight loss clients or groups.

It's easy with our Group Facilitator's Handbook
(can be used with individual clients as well)

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Here's what other Professionals are saying:

Weight management is such a challenge for many people and I am always on the look out for any new resources that might help my clients ... I love this book ... I can see it working very well for people in between visits to a dietitian as a way of keeping them focused and on track with their weight loss goals.

Amanda Johnson, Dietitian.

Hi Susan, I met you at the ANZOS Obesity Conference and you very kindly gave me a copy of your book. I have had a good look at it and love what I see - Congratulations! I thought I had better warn you that I saw a number of patients in my clinic on Friday and couldn't help myself and have recommended it to them.

Kate Berridge, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Auckland

Hi Susan, A quick note to say thanks for your book. I think it is a fantastic resource. It covers everything I use with my patients and more.... I love the way you address the psychological aspects and the "keeping on going" because I don't know of any other resources that deal with this.... I just love it - it deals with the barriers and knocks them down. 

Sally Tither, Practice Nurse, Hawkes Bay 

Read about dietitian Emma Miller's Fat Chance! workshops HERE

(Emma's contact details are on our in your area page)

It is recommended that you meet with your clients on Day 7 "Debrief and Reflection" each week to assess progress over the past week, offer encouragement and plan for the next week.

You are also very welcome to use our slim weight calorie calculator with your clients so they know the number of calories they should be eating each day to reach and maintain their slim weight.

We are also very happy to list you on our "In Your Area" page

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"This book is a tour-de-force of information and strategies presented in bite size pieces which will be very useful to those who are motivated to change and not sure how"

- Professor Elaine Rush, Professor of Nutrition, Auckland University of Technology