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Susan Interviewed on Breakfast TV
Interviewed on TVNZ's Breakfast Program, Susan explains to Toni Street the Fat Chance! approach, how this weight loss program is different and why this is not a diet but a lifestyle change. She identifies how slim people think, introduces the slim weight calorie calculator and discusses how we should view treats and use our bodies.


It makes sense doesn't  it! Fat Chance! really will empower you to discover the slim person you were meant to be. Start losing Weight NOW.

The Fat Chance!  2016 New Years Resolution TV Commercial

"Have you resolved to lose weight this year? The Fat Chance! Weight Loss Workbook will help you make it happen! Now available as an exciting New Online Program. Join the Resolution today at and make this the year you lose weight!"

The Original Fat Chance! TV Commercial

Shown on TV3 during Dr Oz and The Biggest Loser, and on TV One during Good Morning.

"Want to lose weight? Discover how to think and eat like a slim person forever! With Fat Chance! The no-going-back Weight Loss Workbook. The weight is over! Order your copy online today at"

Not a diet, Fat Chance! is a new way of thinking and living which focuses on learning how slim people think and eat. 

Fat Chance! will change the way you think about yourself, your priorities, about food and it will change the way you eat, forever.

Journal your progress, be set free from overeating, lose weight and discover the slim person you were meant to be.

BUY THE FAT CHANCE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM TODAY and be prepared for radical change. There will be no going back!

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