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Thomas went from a 5XL shirt to an XL shirt using Fat Chance! Read more of our customers' testimonials below and see how these people successfully learned how to lose weight following the Fat Chance! weight loss lifestyle change and healthy eating plan, and get inspired!

"Never Going Back!"
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Tatum Before ......                                           and After losing 22kg!

Tatum Before and afterHi Susan,
I was watching 'Breakfast' on TV1 in March 2012 when I saw you on the program and heard about 'Fat Chance'. At the time I was 80kg the heaviest I had ever been and to say I was fed up is an understatement. It was my 36 birthday on the 10th April so I asked my Mum to buy it for me and the rest, as they say, is history.

The picture above on the right is of me at the end of last year - 4 years later and 58kg. It's taken a long time and I've had to change my strategy many times but your book was the catalyst for my weight loss and mindset change.

I just wanted to share my story and to thank you ☺
Kindest regards, Tatum

Susan: Well done Tatum, you look fantastic! Thank you so much for sending in your photos.

Ashleigh after
Ashleigh before.jpgHi Susan,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you, not just for the great help your book has been in helping me lose 20kgs (44lbs) but also the way it has changed my mindset and ways of thinking about food completely!! This is me before and me today. Keep up the great work! Ashleigh


's wedding photo.jpg 

Hi Susan,
Thank you again for the only successful way to be and stay healthy and at goal weight! Here I am on my wedding day in November. I have just ordered a book for my sister in law & I am going to support her with it. I'm trying to convince my younger brother to send you his success photos, he's gone from 120kg (264lbs) down to 87kg (191lbs) last update.

You are life changing!!

Thanks again, and I wish you all the success for your book!

Kind Regards, Carla

Hi Susan,

I would just like it let you know that I am up to week 8 in my workbook and I am feeling like a new woman. I have lost 6 kgs (13lbs) and I am thinking like a thin person for the first time in my life. I am 62 years old and I have been overweight since the age of 10. I have tried every diet and weight loss programme and I tell you your workbook is the answer. Thank You so much for making it available.
Kind Regards, Sue

Sam before.jpgSam after.jpgHi Susan,
Just wanted to share our progress with you. My husband and I embarked on this journey together, its been great for not only our weight-loss and health but also our marriage. My husbands sister put us onto the book (Carla from your testimonials) and we are forever thankful to her. I lost 13kg (28.5lbs) over the course of the book going from 85kg (187lbs) to 72kg (158.5lbs). My husband lost 24kg (53lbs) going from 118kg (260lbs) to 94kg (207lbs) which was his goal, but he has since adjusted to even lower. We haven't been overly kind to ourselves over the Christmas period but are getting back into it, going over the book again and planning on losing more!

Enclosed are a few pics of him. Feel free to use on your page :)
Thanks again, Dani and Sam

Hi Susan,
I completed the 12 weeks set out in the Fat Chance! book a couple of months ago and by the end of it had lost 8.5kg (19lbs). Since then, I continue to eat till I'm satisfied and eat the calories I need for my goal weight. At this point in time I have lost a total of 13.5kgs (30lbs) and have dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 (NZ sizes). People have noticed the difference and commented. One of the bonuses is having to shop for new clothes. I have yet to reach my goal weight, but with the good habits and strategies that I picked up from this book, I know I will get there. Thanks once again.
Regards Steph

Update from Mike:

Mike afterI met the lovely Susan on Monday. I told her how amazing this book and the whole program is. It has started me on a path of slimness and happiness that had eluded me for so long. For the first time, after doing so many programs and systems, I have found something that works and will not be another flash in the pan. It works because it never tells you what is wrong but helps you to understand the assumptions and beliefs that lie behind what you do and then helps you to find the reason to act and support to make it happen.
Mike, via facebook

Read Mike's full story HERE  

Hi Susan,
In the past I have set myself goals to lose weight ... but I always gained what I lost plus more afterwards. I didn't know what I was doing wrong.

One Thursday, I saw your book being advertised on television so went online to find out more. On the Friday I had purchased a copy, and on the Saturday I started my venture to become the new 'slim me'.

 I have just finished week 5 and have lost 5kgs (11lbs). Will I lose more? - Yes I will because Fat Chance! has given me new ways to think and has helped me listen to what my body is telling me. I have had a lot of 'light bulb' moments since starting, but the most significant for me is focusing on eating until I'm satisfied.

Thanks you for producing such a great book, it is definitely changing my life. I have more energy and the entometriosis pain has decreased. I look forward to learning more from this book in the weeks to come.
Regards, Steph

Hi Susan,
Well I achieved my goal, in fact I went from 85.5kg (188lbs) down to 64.5kg (142lbs), a loss of 21kgs (46lbs) in 11 months with many thanks to you and your book! It has been life changing!

Carla before losing weightCarla after losing weight
Here are my before and after pictures.  It is me on my son's first birthday!
Kind Regards, Carla 

Update from Mike:

Hi Susan,
I have lost 10kg (22lbs) in 2 months with your book and exercise. I now feel better than I have for many years... I am up to week 7 and learning so much about myself and how food works. I never really thought much about food. It just seemed to jump into my mouth by magic! I wonder how many more blokes are brave enough to try this book?

Dear Susan,
Here I am at the end of week ten, two dress sizes smaller and uber fit. Your book wasn't just a light bulb moment for me, it was an epiphany! It has full credit for changing the bitter old sour woman I had become into the bright self assured happy person I now am. I've followed my workbook day by day and never looked back, never wanted to, it's just so easy.

I have severe rheumatoid arthritis so am restricted on exercise. I can't run and my specialist has forbidden weights, but I can and do walk. I started with a 35 minute walk around the block. It was more an exercise in plodding than exercise, but today that 35 minute plod is my ten minute warm up for a 90 minute power walk. I HAVE A FITNESS LEVEL WHOO HOO.

Last month I competed in the Rotorua half marathon (walking) and came 3rd in my age group. My beautiful super fit daughter walked with me and was nearly as proud of me as I was. She has asked me to thank you for giving her her real mum back.  I feel 6 feet tall, and it's all thanks to you, I'm not slim on the outside yet but on the inside I am so there. I can't imagine going back to that sad woman sitting on the sofa feeding her self pity with cakes and chips, so ashamed of herself that she pushed away the people she loves. I truly can't begin to portray just how much you have changed my life.
THANK YOU, Barbara

Hi Susan,
I completed about 8 weeks of the workbook this time last year and lost 10kg (22lbs). I then fell pregnant with our little miracle (it had been a struggle before losing the weight) who is now 14 weeks old and just the most amazing wee man in the world. Thank you so so much for your book and the help it gave me. I now have baby weight to move and plan on doing the online program to kick the weight gained during pregnancy. I am so excited to start the program again. Once again thank you so much. From one happy new Mummy :)

Congratulations on your baby Laura, well done! - Susan

Dear Susan,
I have had many attempts at losing weight and getting fit but they all failed and I ended up back where I started and more. The TV ad was what got me started. When I realised that the book contained a 12 week program and was interactive, I thought, "Yes, this is what could just work for me". I was not in a good place emotionally and had put on a lot of extra weight because I didn't seem to want to help myself. I had given up. I was feeling sorry for myself. Then the idea that we should eat like a slim person just made sense me.

I am a narrative therapist and part of narrative therapy is to tap into the "untold" story. There was a story about me that was not being told, a story of energy, good skin, a slim figure and a kind gentle, passionate person who showed a keen interest in everything. That person was lost in rolls of fat and helplessness.

I am now on week three and I have lost over 6 kgs (13lbs). When I feel tempted to eat, I just remind myself of my goal of 77 kgs (169lbs) and ask myself, "Why do you want to eat? Are you really hungry or just sad or angry?"

I am loving the book and the sensible and long term approach to changing myself. I am going to sign up for the Auckland ½ marathon on November.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of life.

Thank you for sharing so intimately Mike, I appreciate it and it will help others! - Susan

Hi Susan, 
I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for writing this book! ... Much of the information (is familiar) BUT the format of having a daily journal and nugget of information to incorporate into my life each day is so awesome. It is really helping me to change my behaviour in a way that just knowing the facts doesn't.

Weight loss wise I've lost 3 kgs (6.5lbs) in 6 weeks which doesn't sound like much but I think I've finally got the break through that the numbers on the scale don't matter as much as having an active healthy life forever - so I'm thinking very long term!  I've taken up running which amazes me every time I get out there (usually 3 times a week for half an hour) and my shape is starting to change...  

I feel much more in tune with my body now and eat only when I'm hungry only till I'm full (mostly)... I don't want my body to be in famine mode and sabotaging my "living like a slim person" efforts (which aren't effortful in the slightest most of the time). 

So I just wanted to say thanks and give you an update, I am still a little bit apprehensive about the upcoming end of the workbook. I have really loved it - my bedroom mirror is a host of positive self-talk post-its and I choose one at random each day to put a smile on my face and to encourage me.
Thanks again, Kathryn (abridged)

Hi Susan,
I just want to congratulate you on a fantastic weight loss program.  It's just what I need and I've been battling with the downward spiral of putting on weight for some time.  At last I'm losing weight and thinking more positively about my relationship with food.
Thanks again, Megan

Hi Susan,
Many thanks for sorting out that problem - I am really enjoying your online program as I find typing in the words and thoughts are really therapeutic. I have had a binge eating problem for many years and even though I am only losing the weight very slowly it means more doing it this way as it makes me realize I can change things as way of a life change - I cope with life one day at a time and that's fine and by following your simple and healthy ideas and set tasks it helps me to feel that I am finally making a difference.

The love-hate relationship I have had with food is slowly beginning to change as I am finding better foods and ways of seeing food as fuel for my body and trying to find better ways of looking after myself instead of emotional eating.Thank you Susan for this program. I have brought your book as well and when the 12 week program online is completed I will start again with your book to reinforce what I am learning. 
Kind regards, Mandie

Hi Susan!
I am almost at the end of week 5 of the book ... and just wanted to share my progress with you. Short story is I feel AMAZING! So far I have lost 4.5 kgs (10lbs) which ... for me is pretty fantastic as usually I can barely last 2 weeks trying to lose weight and usually only lose 1 kg or nothing at all ... I am also building a lot of muscle as I try to do a decent workout 4-5 times a week (Turbo jam or zumba).

I have lost over 10cms (4 inches) altogether!! And am noticing a difference in the shape of my body, my waist is getting smaller, my bottom is more toned and believe it or not, my stomach feels like its going down too!! Clothing is now fitting me again, becoming more comfortable or some even too loose!

The 2 biggest changes though are my attitude towards my healthy living, and my activity levels. Both which are important to me with having 2 small kids I would like to run around after easily, and wanting to show them the way of healthy eating. My biggest surprise is my activity levels though. I actually hated exercise ... If I could take the short cut on things I would. But last Sunday I was at my in-laws and I went upstairs. I got to the top and realized I had run up them without even thinking about it! Before I could only walk up half way before I would get tired, sore and breathless.

Before ... I would only get half way through a 20 min turbo jam easy workout before I could need to rest or even stop. Today I completed 35-40 mins of a 45 min INTENSE workout before I had to stop because I couldn't lift my legs or arms anymore, not because I was breathless. Even other people are starting to comment on how good I am looking.

I am now finding ways to deal with cravings, and because I eat such filling, low calorie foods most of the time I don't even need the 1800 allowance and eat mostly 1400-1500 because I am just soooo full! I am more aware of what I eat (Did you know a piece of caramel slice is 300 calories!! I didn't lol. And I use to eat 3-4 of those A DAY!!!)

I admit I am still not perfect. I have my off days but now I can pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going instead of giving up altogether... It is something I am working on, and I let it all out on my reflection days/ on my blog instead of eating it lol.
Thank you so much for your book. It has seriously saved my life xxx
Rachel (via facebook, abridged)

Hi Susan,
Just wanted to thank you very much for your book. I am losing weight naturally and easily as I work through your book. It is my thinking that has changed and for ONCE in my life I am not hungry ALL THE TIME as I usually was, funny that! I am free, I like myself and can even start to see me as a new slim person. I cannot thank you enough for being bold and writing this workbook.
Thank you, Sincerely Wendy

Ps. I would love to have people join me in a support group in Tauranga. It would be
lovely to share with others about this great way of living. Contact me on 07 2180111 or 0210700111. 

Hi Susan,
I have lost in total 11.9 kilos (26.5lbs). I'm averaging about 700 grams (1.5lbs) per week. The medical centre are more than happy with that so that's good and I'm stoked. I'm quite proud of me and just thought you'd like an update.
Kind Regards, Karen

Dear Susan,
I received my book four weeks ago and just love it. It has become my 'best friend' and, already I am wondering how I am going to manage without it at the end of 12 Weeks! I look forward to reading it and filling it in each day. I love the feel of the book in my hands and enjoy going back over things I have read and written in it. Those filled-in pages reinforce the idea that although this is a long journey, I have already taken a few steps along the way.... I must have changed my way of thinking as I have lost 2.9kg (6.5lbs) during the last 4 weeks.
Thank you, Valerie

Dear Susan,
I just had to write and say thank you from the bottom of my heart, my workbook arrived and I'm on Day 7 and 1.3 kg (3lb) lighter but my goodness so very much more than that. What an empowering concept of seeing myself as a slim woman NOW - it has changed my life.  I had become a very unhappy negative person projecting how I felt onto all around me feeling slighted and undervalued by the people who love me. That one simple sentence: 'you are a slim person'. I took it to heart and ran with it, I feel like a ton weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I have my mojo back, I'm me again: the loving vibrant person I'd lost, or rather buried in fat and comfort eating. I actually like me now and it shows in everything I do; from here I can only go from strength to strength. Thank you so very much. I wish you every success with the workbook and online program. I hope it makes you a fortune, you certainly deserve it.  
With gratitude, Barbara

Thank you so much Barbara, you are the reason I wrote Fat Chance! - Susan

Update from Carla:

Hi Susan,
Its been a couple of months since I last emailed, and I am now only 4.5 kg (10lbs) short of my goal weight. I have lost a total of 16kg (35lbs) since buying your book and am really enjoying my new habits. I even managed to lose weight while away for just over 3 weeks down south and in Raro!  This was the holiday I won through our family weight-loss challenge and using your book as my secret weapon :)

My son will be one in March which is the time I gave myself to get to goal ... I am currently 69.5kg (153lbs) and started at 85.5kg (188lbs). Only 4.5kg (10lbs) to go!! My waist is down by 26cm (10inches), I love putting the tape measure out to my original 120cm and looking at the difference.

People say I'm looking great (for which I thank them) and that I must have been working hard, but I have to say it hasn't been hard work at all.  I again thank you for your simplistic method of weight loss, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Kind Regards, Carla 

Hi Susan,
I enjoyed this entire book. The best thing was having to take responsibility each day for my behaviours toward food... I was more honest to myself with the questions than I have ever been to myself before ... The days where it focused on the 'emotions' of eating would often bring tears to my eyes, but I still Thank You for this!! ... We were doing a 12 week family weight loss challenge. [I wanted to win the prize of a trip to Raro so] I bought your book as my 'secret weapon'. It was my support each day and got me through the 12 weeks with such success ... I am only 7kg (15.5lbs) away from my goal in just 23 weeks!!! I can't believe how empowering this book has been in more ways that just weight loss too.

Dear Susan,
My wife bought a copy of your book for me at the Palmy Women's Expo earlier this year and I have been working my way through it (I'm on Week 8). One of my goals for this year (as in previous years!) is to reduce my weight from 123kg (270lbs) to closer to the 95kg (209lbs) when we got married 20 years ago. Lots of reasons for this, main one being health (high BP, shortness of breath, ageing, etc).

I thought you'd like some feedback on the book so here goes:
1. I love the book! The design, the feel, the smell....

2. The structure is brilliant - having to confront the real reasons for over-eating on a daily basis (I have done Weight Watchers and other programs without any long-term benefit). I discovered that I eat for lots of different reasons: in the morning to heat up my body; at other times for comfort; graze to have something to do when I need a break from work; in the evening from habit.

3. The practical approach to the issue of being overweight. It's not just about the food but how you feel the way you do. It asks difficult but insightful questions that start to confront eating and obesity as an addiction.

4. Positive outcomes: I am much more aware now of why I eat and when I eat. My belt size has reduced by three notches! I eat smaller portions (on my smaller plate) and have found myself either not eating (having cup of tea instead) or taking smaller helpings. My eating habits have also changed - for no apparent reason I am eating less meat and more fish, less bread and more fruit and veg and feel a lot better for it. I am drinking far more water (hot/cold/with Barker's fruit juice or lemon juice for flavour).
Yours truly, Dr Rom 

Hi Susan,
I cannot believe the difference 12 weeks can make!! Before buying Fat Chance! online, I was feeling unhappy, unmotivated, and generally fed up with life in general...and this was even after a week in Rarotonga! Now, I feel excited by future opportunities, and willing to get out there and actually participate in life instead of just watching from the sidelines. Here are my before and after photos:
                                Rachel before weight loss         Rachael after weight loss     
I had the "all or nothing" approach to weight loss prior to completing the Fat Chance! workbook. I would lose weight, but as soon as I got to goal, I would gain it all back. It was not uncommon for me to go from 62kg (136lbs) to 92 kg (202lbs)within the space of 6 months. Fat Chance really helped me steer away from my "all or nothing" thought processes and taught me to listen to what my body is really trying to tell me.

I also have become much more aware of just how much I had an emotional attachment to food. Now, I have strategies in place to help me overcome this. I feel so much better these days. My weight has remained stable, and I am now trying to focus more on setting other, non-weight related challenges, such as completing the "Couch to 5km" running program. I really am grateful that I made my way through the Fat Chance! workbook. If I hadn't, no doubt my weight would still be yo-yoing, and I would still be feeling frustrated and miserable!!
Thanks Susan!! Rachael

Hi Susan,
I would like to commend you on this breakthrough workbook. I am 32 years old and a first time Mum with a 4 month old baby. I have tried so many times to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle but I could never balance things quite right. After having a baby I thought this would be even harder.

With your workbook I have managed to lose 8.5kg (18.5lbs) in 12 weeks and 20 cms (8inches) around my waist! The change in my emotional eating and having no excuse to exercise really helped make this happen. I now walk in the rain, with no lame excuses regarding wet shoes! My journey is still continuing but I'd like to say Thank you for making this easy. I could never say this about weight loss before.

Since I started Fat Chance! two of my siblings, a close friend and my cousin have all been inspired to use your book to support them to change their thinking about food. And they are having success too :) Thank you again, and I will let you know when the 'skinny me' gets to goal weight of 65kg (143lbs)!

Hi Susan,
I have finished the 12 weeks and the book with a loss of 10kg (22lbs), now I'm going to start the book again as I find it helps me to focus on myself and what I need to be doing to get the weight off. I know the lessons learnt throughout the book are habit now but I want to refocus and look deeper into how I behave and how this has effected my eating patterns. Thank you for a sensible and positive approach to weight loss.

Hi Susan,
BEFORE                                                                                                            AFTER SIX MONTHS Lara before weight lossLara after weight loss
Since December 12th, 2011, when I started Fat Chance! The no going back Weight Loss Workbook I have lost 20.4kgs (45lbs) and 22cm (9 inches) from around my waist. I don't  want  it back. I have learned to love moving - I can run the 8km around Lake Hayes, swim 2.2 km in 50 minutes and use the exercycle if the weather, time or short days mean I can't do either of the other two daily exercises. This, from someone who has always hated running. I still surprise myself that I like running. I am still working towards a healthy BMI but slowly and surely I will get there. I am eating regular, balanced meals and don't feel hungry. I like feeling this way and I love being able to buy clothes 'off the rack' at normal clothes stores.
Smiles, Lara, six month check in
Read Lara's "six months" blog here

I feel so fantastic that I just had to write and tell you so. I am in my 50s and have dieted all my life without any real success. Whilst using your work book I lost 6kg and several weeks later I am now 9kg (20lbs) down. I still have a lot of kgs to lose but feel confident that I can now eat like a slim person and stick to the calories I need to stay slim. Your book did not teach me anything I didn't already know, but the way it was presented by you just made so much sense! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it and for making it such an easy book to follow. I am thankful that I turned on the TV that morning and saw you on the Breakfast show!
Kind regards, Jill

Hello Susan,
I have just worked my way through Fat Chance!, I have reached week 12 and lost 7 kgs (15.5lbs), now being at my goal weight. This is the first time I have actually got back to goal weight after many years of yo-yo dieting and several attempts at Weight Watchers. I am feeling really good about the weight loss and just loved your book and all it has made me think about. I valued the support of the book and would recommend it to others.
Kind regards, Catherine

I'm on week 11 of the Fat Chance!  life change and I feel so much better than I did 11 weeks ago. Even though I have one week of reading left it's going to be for ever this time around and I will continue to keep losing weight until I reach my goal. Good things take time and I'm onto a good thing ... slow and steady always wins the race. Thanks for making the book.

Hello Susan,
I'm on week 9 and feeling like a new and confident person as I have lost 9kg (20lbs).
I enjoy, and work well with, this system as I am a fairly methodical person and I like lists.

The biggest thing for me has been watching myself gradually take control of my eating. This book makes me pay attention to my body and what I am putting into it. I feel elated when, faced with a table full of morning tea socially, I now have the luxury of happily choosing 1 or 2 items only.

I discovered that practically all my overeating happened through inattention and automatic reflex- while I was preparing meals, snacks on the run, reading and watching television while eating. I was amazed to discover that when I counted the calories of those many unconscious but addictive 'mouthfuls', they came very close to the number of calories I needed to drop to reach my ideal weight! True I didn't eat big meals- I was just eating two of them!

So I continue with optimism and a certainty of success. And I thank you for making Fat Chance! a reality for me. By the way I first saw it on 'Breakfast' on TV1.
Kind Regards, Judy

Update on Colleen: Colleen has now lost 14kgs (31lbs)! Well done Colleen! - Susan

Update from Lara: Previously Lara had lost 9kgs (20lbs) but now she has lost 14kgs (31lbs)! Well done Lara! - Susan
Read Lara's "making chance happen" blog here

My wife and I started the program on 3 Feb 2012 and it has been marvelous. We discovered that Jean, my dearly beloved, did not need to lose weight. Her image of herself has been wrong for some time. For Moi - yes I do. I now have a waist! and my thinking/behaviour has changed. I am thinking like the slim person that I am. I am never really hungry. By the end of the year I will be close to my target BMI/weight. We plan to go through the program with one of our daughters. My comment is that this is a "thinkers" program i.e. it requires time and learning.
Thanks heaps, Neil & Jean 

Hi Susan,
I am in week 11 and have really enjoyed using this workbook. It's fun and feels like a luxurious treat. The A4 size means I can't bury it under things and forget about it. My weight-loss has been slow but steady. The insight I've gained into what I eat and why I overindulge has been a major break through ... When I have finished the 12 weeks, I will go back and revisit the things I couldn't fit in. I can't praise this book highly enough for making me more mindful of my eating and exercise. Thank you for producing such an awesome tool for living more healthily.

Hi Susan,
This is a great book I'm on week 7 day 5 after a short break over Christmas while tramping . This is helping me to implement the things I already knew but didn't do and taught me new things. I love the look and the slow but steady progression it's sneaked up on me several times and as a result I've learnt things about myself and my thinking is changing . This is a great piece of work you should be proud of .

Hi Susan,
For the first few weeks I spent a couple of days on each page - till I 'got it' and am now enjoying being more active every day. Work colleagues are joining me for lunch time walks, back in the pool a couple of times a week and a good bike ride once a week with family. I see the changes and learning I am putting into practice as lifetime ones, sustainable. Not just to a certain date or 'goal weight'. Thank you for the push!

Hi Susan,
I just wanted you to know that you have done a fantastic job with this book. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but what I like about it is that it is such a huge support tool. It has also been confirming that the things I did other times to loss large amounts of weight were actually correct, but this time it’s going to be different. This time my mind will be reprogrammed for long term results, so very motivating! I will let you know how I go after 12 weeks. I hope you have a huge success with your book, because you will be giving a lot of people hope and encouragement! 
Regards, Irene

Hi Susan,

Fat Chance! has been a wonderful assistant in my bid to lose weight. As a busy person, it is difficult at times to stop and think of weight loss as the task can seem too great. Late last year I joined Weight Watchers meetings and also bought the book Fat Chance! I have found the book to be complementary to my weight loss effort. I go through one "day" of the book about every two to three days. It keeps me on track and confirms my goal to being a slim person. The workbook has helped me tackle certain aspects of emotional eating and the information backs up my WW meetings in a way that is unique and personal to me.

I've lost 7kg (15.5lbs) so far and my clothes feel fantastic. I have little "try on" sessions with my wardrobe which is motivating also. Still a long way to go but the changes both emotionally and physically are showing.

I believe others will experience the same confidence and motivation. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with weight issues as it's a great place to start. If you're worried about clothes getting too tight or not looking good on you, this book could be the change you need.
Cheers, Colleen

Professional Endorsements


"Anyone who is motivated to lose weight and adheres to this book will lose weight"Dr Katherine Black,
University of Otago

Colleen lost 16kgs (35lbs)

Colleen After

"Stand Up Colleen!"
See Colleen Interviewed by Kath Bier from 'The Breeze' on You Tube
If Colleen can change her life,
you can too!