Fat Chance! Online Program

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Fat Chance! ONLINE

             Do It All Online!      Just $44.99     That's only 55c per day! 
Your Fat Chance! Online Program will include:

  1. step by step structured program to embed Healthy lifestyle change
  2. Daily email message of encouragement
  3. A new day each day for 12 weeks
  4. interactive Question and answer format
  5. bonus free links
  6. Engaging and supportive approach
  7. Personal journal
  8. Food journal
  9. Calorie Guide
  10. New sample menus
  11. Progress graphs
  12. The ease and privacy of doing it online
  13. Easy to access from anywhere (with Personal log-in)
  14. Easy to navigate site
  15. You can revisit and Edit your Entries as days accumulate
  16. Adapts to your global time Zone
  17. Pause Function
  18. 100% confidential
  19. 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  20. Because we know you will lose weight!

How it Works

The contents of Fat Chance! Online are essentially the same as the Fat Chance! Workbook, but the format is interactive and online. You only need to purchase one or the other, not both.

As soon as you have purchased Fat Chance! Online for just $44.99, a start-up email will give you the links to begin. (Contact us immediately if you do not get this email.) Enter a few details, set a password, and you can log in to your own personal 12-week program.

Fat Chance! Online will be revealed to you one day at a time. This is important so that you take the time to think through the questions and issues deeply and carefully, and embed new thinking and behaviours into your life over the 12-weeks.

We will send you an encouraging email every day with a link taking you straight to each new day.
And you can always log-in directly at http://online.fatchance.co.nz with your email address and password.

What you write and record will be completely confidential*. It will be saved automatically into your own personal cumulative journal which will remain fully interactive and you can revisit and revise it at anytime. (*we may aggregate weight loss data only, eg kilos lost, for research purposes only, but we will never access your personal journal entries).

As well as progress charts and a calorie guide, other tools and resources (including, for example, sample menus) will be revealed as you progress through the program. Your daily email will tell you when to look for something new.

At the end of 12 weeks you will continue to have access to your program.

Still need help to decide? Read my blog: Should I buy the Workbook or Online Program?

May I wish you every success as you discover the slim person you were meant to be!

Kind regards,







Headshot of Carla

Carla lost 21kgs (46lbs)
"Thank you for the only successful way to stay healthy and at goal weight. Fat Chance! is life changing!
I can't believe how empowering this program has been in more ways than just weight loss."
Headshot of Thomas
Thomas went from
5XL to XL
"I'm never going back. My lifestyle has changed completely, especially my habits. I totally recommend Fat Chance!"