Fat Chance! Weight Loss Groups

Fat Chance! is Ideal for

  • Groups of friends
  • Couples and families
  • Workplace groups
  • Community groups
  • Church based groups
  • Marae based groups
  • Teams and clubs
  • Schools

Losing weight is easier with the support of a group of friends or family who are making the same healthy lifestyle changes and sharing weight loss goals.

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Start your own Fat Chance! Weight Loss Group!

It's easy using our 'Group Facilitator's Handbook'

Step 1: Gather 7 people who would like to learn how to lose weight and live slim for life.

Step 2:  Buy our Group Package of 8 Fat Chance! Workbooks plus FREE Group Facilitator's Handbook for only $199 (that's only $24.88 each) or add Calories Counters for $279 total.

STOP PRESS: SAVE 25% on Workbooks during November. That's only $149 and $229 respectively ($18.63 per Workbook). DURING NOVEMBER ONLY.

Step 3: Sell the Workbooks to your members for $40. That's $105 profit for you.

Step 4: Meet weekly for 13 weeks (weeks 0-12) using the Group Facilitator's Handbook to guide you. It's easy. Charge your members $10 per meeting. That's 7 x 10 x 13 = $910.

Step 5: Add $105 + $910 = $1,015 for you in total. Well done you!

(Of course you can charge more or less as you like. Fat Chance! sells you the Workbooks, gives you the Group Facilitator's Handbook, and the rest is over to you.)

Start a Fat Chance! Weight Loss Group today

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You are invited to join:

Laura's "Losing the Fat Girls" Facebook Weight Loss Support Group
She says: "We are a group of everyday woman with weight (decent amounts) to lose. We are super happy to already have 30+ members and growing. We are just wanting to be a strong support group to as many as may need it."  Read Laura's story on our testimonials page.


(Some people have asked about groups in their local area. I cannot pass on any names or contact  information without express permission but I am able to place here the contact details of people who are willing to be contacted.)


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