Weight Loss Groups

Fat Chance! is Ideal for Weight Loss Groups

  • Groups of friends
  • Couples and families
  • Workplace groups
  • Community groups
  • Church based groups
  • Marae based groups
  • Teams and clubs
  • Schools

Losing weight is a lot easier with the support of a group of friends or family who are making the same healthy lifestyle changes, sharing experiences, common goals and weight loss tips.

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Laura's "Losing the Fat Girls" Facebook Weight Loss Support Group
She says: "We are a group of everyday woman with weight (decent amounts) to lose. We are super happy to already have 30+ members and growing. We are just wanting to be a strong support group to as many as may need it."  Read Laura's story on our testimonials page.


(Some people have asked about groups in their local area. I cannot pass on any names or contact  information without express permission but I am able to place here the contact details of people who are willing to be contacted.)


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