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Your Feedback

I signed up to the Fat Chance! Online program earlier this year. I found the daily emails were just so good and  super-useful. I'm looking forward to doing the program in its entirety again. 😊 Best wishes, Sam
Hi Susan, 4 years on and I'm down at 60kg! I've maintained if not lost little more and it's due to my commitment to your book & myself!! I wish Fat Chance! was a more widely recognised; some world known weight-loss agencies are only just adding the 'feelings & emotions' into the weight-loss equation. I know for a fact it took me a lot of honesty with myself & tears some days just filling in the book. Thanks again, Carla
Hi Susan, it was two years today that I became a thin person. It has changed my life in so many ways.The three main things I do are: Eat protein with every meal, Eat very little processed food and Exercise. I purchased a Garmin Vivofit which I find invaluable. It lets me know if I have used up my steps and how many calories I have burned up. Just thought you might like to know. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Sue
Thanks Susan - I love it 😊 I've been telling all my friends and encouraging them to buy your book. Cheers, Tatum
I am so grateful for this program. I would think and feel like a failure when I was hungry but now I am working on being able to replace this thought pattern ... I have done so many programs in the past but [now I know] true change can only come from within. Thanks so much. Paula
I think you're program is great. After struggling with weight my whole life I feel like I have seen and tried so many things. I "know" it all but your program was EXACTLY the thing that I have been looking for. Right from my first look at it I love your whole philosophy and approach. There will always be not so good days but I am in this for the rest of my life and I fully intend to utilise your help! Thank you, and I look forward to sharing my success with you in the near future. Laura

I really enjoy reading my positive thoughts as it makes me think deeply and seriously about weight loss.  Jo-Anne

I read the first paragraph of your introduction and that says everything I have felt. Thanks for the inspiration.  Pania

Hi Susan, I am finding your program incredibly therapeutic and helpful. Thanks,  Fern 

Hi Susan, I am really enjoying Fat Chance! - I think it is the best way of losing weight that I have ever embarked on. Thank you for writing the book - I read it every day and I will follow the principles for the rest of my life. I have lost a stone (14 lbs or 6.5 kg) in my first 12 weeks - it is such a relief to NOT be on a diet and still lose weight. Thank you very much for your support. Best wishes,  Stephanie

I like all of it. I like how each week day there is a theme that is built upon over the 12 weeks. I like how each day I have to think about being slim.  Deidre

Thanks, Susan. Your program makes such sense! I have recommended it to a couple of friends with weight issues and they've both been really encouraged.  Tracy

Hi, Thank you so much for the prompt response and fix. Totally loving this program! :)  Teresa

Thank you sooo much for writing this book!!! It is so awesome ... it really is a tool to help you change your habits... looking forward to sharing my journey with all the lucky people you have helped and changed lives of.  Carrie

Thank you Susan, May Fat Chance! Sell millions of copies!  Harold

The media has led people to think [weight loss] is only about exercise and food but my research has shown a lot more needs to be put into the emotional side! So your book hits the nail on the head! Thanks,  Fiona

I am now walking and, would you believe it, running :), I make exercise a priority instead of a chore, brilliant!!!  Creedence, via Facebook

I needed something I can do in my own time, I know how to lose weight, I just needed the daily encouragement.  Deidre 

Hi Susan, Thanks for the book - it is genius! I really love it.  Kathryn

Hi Susan, Thanks for sending me your book. I have just completed the first week and am so pleased with the results. Weight down from 105kg to 103.3kg. Feeling so good already. I have been so encouraged by this first week and intend to see it through to the goal set. Thanks so much. Cheers,  Diane

Hi Susan, I have survived Christmas because of your book!!!! Unbelieveable.  Kath

Hi Susan, Received book thanks and it looks great! Congratulations on putting it all in one easy to use and attractive format :) Many thanks,  Karen, Women in Motion, Christchurch

Thank you for a wonderfully informative blog. As a student dietitian I admire your lifestyle based approach.  Renee

Hi Susan, I've lost 12.5kg. I can't believe how empowering this book has been in more ways than just weight loss.  Carla

Hi Susan, I have only been doing the book for 2 weeks but it feels like its my new best friend! I love how the questions relate to me and I can be honest without fear of ridicule. I am being made aware of things as never before!  Julie

Hi Susan, I really enjoyed the entire book and will keep everything. When I got to the end to be honest I wanted to keep going so I did it again. I liked the workbook [format] because I find writing helps me remember things rather than just reading a book. I looked forward to completing it everyday.  Tatum

Hi Susan, I am so thrilled to see your book going from strength to strength. I was doing it myself late last year when something interrupted that, so have now started again. It's the sort of book you can do again as there is more to learn at a deeper level, taking on new bits and pieces. Great stuff! I see you have lots of great endorsements and testimonials now too. Soooo good!  Heather

Hi Susan, I've been following your plan since November, with great results! I'm still losing weight. Many of my friends have followed me too! Everything in your book has been very clear and easy to follow.  Adele

Update from Lara: Lara has now lost 20.4kgs and 22cm from around her waist! Well done Lara! Susan (read more on the Testimonials page).

Hi Susan, Your book is the most brilliant  weight loss book I have ever bought. It is so easy to follow.  Rebekah

Woohoo, finally a book that we can have it all in one place.  Sharon

Hi Susan, I have just completed Week 11 and am loving the weight loss and decrease in measurements... Thanks heaps for the motivation, direction and for the positive comments I have been getting from ladies at church and other teachers at work about how good I am looking, as well as how good I am feeling each day.... I hope others are able to hook into and experience the sense of achievement and success that I have.  Lara

At Week 4, I'm looking at food in a whole new way. This book is well thought through and nicely balanced to achieve lasting results. Thanks Susan. Appreciating it so much have had to buy another two for friends.  Shane

Hi Susan, just wanted to say that I'm feeling great at the end of Week 10, almost 9 kilos gone and centimetres from many places. I'm not doing any other program alongside the workbook either.  Lara

It makes so much sense. Why did I have to wait so long to find a book like this?  Robyn

I LOVE MY WORKBOOK... Thank you sooo much Fat Chance team :)  Laura

A practical good book written by someone who 'gets it'  Cathy

Hi Susan, Just the thing I needed to help me on my journey!! Thank you so much xx  Jodi

I've lost 2.5kg in a month.  Josie
(Susan: Great! That's just the right pace and much more likely to be permanent!)

Hi Susan, My little sis, her husband, my daughter and I got a copy each ... all working at different paces.  It is a great book and makes you think about the whys and wherefores.  Karen
(Susan: Great to hear, Fat Chance! is excellent for couples, families and groups as well as individuals)

Hi Susan, My husband and I bought this book for each other for Christmas and are feeling great. ... loving going walking every evening and making better eating choices ... thanks!!  Sandy

 Hi, Susan, Thank you! I received the book in yesterday's mail, so all ready for the New Year. Thank you for such prompt service.  Kelly

I think your book is brilliant.  Teresa

In my doctor's waiting room yesterday I felt like telling everyone about your book! Go girl!  Heather

I really like the sound and sensible advice in it.  Linda

Yeay, just completed Week 1 Day 1 of my new Fat Chance! Workbook.! Using the workbook to refocus on my weight-loss journey. 50kg down ...23kg to go!  Angela

Hi Susan, Thank you so much for your book. It is so beautiful and I have started working through it  in order to counteract the disturbing 'creep' of weight gain in recent years. It has already challenged my thinking and I now feel properly equipped for the challenge.  Heather

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