What Weight Loss and Health Care Professionals are saying about Fat Chance!

We asked a number of HEALTH professionals to give us their opinion oF our healthy weight loss program. Here's what they said:

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Fat Chance! is a wonderful resource and a powerful tool for both weight loss and personal growth. Susan Maiava combines the skills of an expert researcher who knows her subject thoroughly, a professional educationalist who knows how to learn effectively, and a passionate guide who has proved personally over time the value of these principles. Superbly presented, Fat Chance! provides an empowering combination of sound nutritional science, well-established psychology on behaviour change, and very practical steps towards establishing a new lifestyle that supports a healthy weight long term.

Dr Steve Withington, Consultant Physician

Fat Chance!
makes excellent use of a range of psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioural principles in introducing a change of self-perception and lifestyle for over-weight people.  I found it exciting to see such an accessible layout so thoroughly address both the thoughts and behaviours that are needed to sustain lifestyle change long-term.  The concept of a 12 week program working through and reinforcing needed change in daily small doses has the potential to be a very powerful format.  It is not only of high substantive quality, but also so attractively presented. Very impressive.

Heather Heron-Speirs, LlB(Hons), MA(Hons)(Psych), Health Psychology Researcher

Tena koutou
He mihi tenei ki a koutou i raro i te maru o to tatou maatua tipuna i waihotia e ratou te tikanga me te pono mo tatou te ngai Maori kia mau te oranga na ratou ma nga tipuna.
I am a registered nurse with a background in matauranga maori and rongoa maori, iwi resource management and education. I am clear about my responsibilities and obligations to the mokopuna of the future and therefore endorse this book with enthusiasm, wit, courage and enlightenment. It is with great respect to the writer of Fat Chance! Susan Maiava, that I write to support this kaupapa which in my opinion will indeed help to reduce premature death rates amongst Maori whanau. I have initiated and promoted [healthy] change on our marae at Parihaka, ... this recognition continues to drive the way I see the future for our

Maata Wharehoka, Parihaka Pa, Taranaki

Weight management is such a challenge for many people and I am always on the look out for any new resources that might help my clients. ... I really like the way Fat Chance! looks at how people think and feel about food. ... I love this book, ... I can see it working very well for people in between visits to a dietitian as a way of keeping them focused and on track with their weight loss goals.

Amanda Johnson, Dietitian, excerpts from book review in 'News and Views', Dietitians NZ newsletter, April, 2012

What a fabulous, well written and well designed book! Congratulations on creating such a fantastic practical step by step resource which will be of tremendous value to so many people who want to lose weight and keep it off. Love your work! Great book!

Claire Turnbull, BSc(Hons) Dietetics UK, Mission Nutrition, Nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide, Millennium Institute of Sport and Newstalk ZB

Fat Chance!
written by Susan Maiava, is a wonderful weight loss workbook that we at Surgical Obesity Service really encourage you to use. It covers all aspects that we believe are important in your weight loss journey and provides an opportunity to acquire personal accountability throughout the journaling process this workbook encourages.

This book is primarily written for those who haven't had weight loss surgery, and therefore some of the dietary advice will be slightly different to that given by our practice.

Even so, the principles in this workbook are extremely valuable and supportive for anyone wanting to lose weight, and will provide you with sound advice and practical strategies to give you every possibility to embrace the changes in thinking and behaviour that will enable you to be successful in lifelong weight loss.

Mr David Schroeder, Obesity Surgeon and Andrea Schroeder, Obesity Consultant. Surgical Obesity Service, Hamilton and Wellington

The Fat Chance! Workbook is a tour-de-force of information and strategies presented in bite size pieces which will be very useful to those who are motivated to change and not sure how. It is designed to be used individually or by groups.  For 12 weeks, each day of the week has a theme. In all there are 84 double pages of good ideas and practicalities to try - 2 for every day of the 12 week plan for weight loss. While a focus on calories is necessary to lose weight - Day One of each week - I am pleased to see the importance of a balanced diet is addressed on Day 6. The price is reasonable and the website provides good back up information. The online weight loss program will be useful for many.

Professor Elaine Rush, Professor of Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Environmental Science, Auckland University of Technolo

Fat Chance! is a 12 week program that encourages healthy thinking and behaviours to address weight and body image problems. The attractive and robust workbook is ideal for pacing and monitoring progress. If you are motivated, and provided there are no underlying psychological difficulties, you will lose weight. Well done Susan!

Karen Nimmo, MSc, Clinical Psychologist and author of My Bum Looks Brilliant in This

Fat Chance! is a well designed book with practical tools to aid weight loss covering all aspects of weight loss rather than focusing only on dieting. The layout of the book with different tasks for each day of the week and reflections on the activities will make it easy to follow and implement. Anyone in good health who is motivated to lose weight and adheres to this book will lose weight.

Dr Katherine Black, Lecturer in Human Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago

Susan, your book Fat Chance! is excellent. As a personal trainer, I have a lot of clients wanting to make lifestyle changes and many have had very successful weight losses and health improvements. I recently discovered your book and I was thrilled to see the things I teach my clients written down so simply. The day to day journal is great and I find when my clients have to write me a food diary and front up each week with it, they reach their goals more quickly. It is a very motivating book and I wish I could have had it when I was following my own weight-loss journey. I wish you well, I'm sure Fat Chance! will be a great success.

Carol Dorne, Personal Trainer, Levin

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"Makes excellent use of cognitive behavoural principles in introducing a change of self- perception and lifestyle for overweight people 
- I found it exciting"

Heather Heron-Speirs,
Health Psychology Researcher

"An empowering combination of sound nutritional science,
well established psychology and very practical steps"

Dr Steve Withington,
Consultant Physician