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The Fat Chance! Story

Susan Maiava, PhD., has a BSc with First Class Honours in the Biological Sciences, a Masters degree with Distinction from Reading University, UK, where she studied as a Commonwealth Scholar, and a PhD from Massey University, New Zealand, where she continued as a lecturer and research supervisor for several years.

She writes:

"We've all heard that diets don't work. But what do you do if you want to lose weight? This was the dilemma I faced when I wanted to lose weight. I recognised I needed to make a permanent change in my lifestyle, the way I thought about food, eating and activity, and the way I thought about myself.

I remember the day I first became aware of my slim friends turning down food with a polite "No thanks". I thought they were crazy. Why would you do that? But I also realised they thought about food differently.

I credit my son John with my light-bulb moment. As a child he always fidgeted at the dinner table, eager to be somewhere else. He put it in a nutshell for me one day when he simply explained he couldn't see the point of eating if he wasn't hungry. Again I had the sudden realisation that he thought differently about food. And that this was the key!

Fat Chance! is not about me, it is about you. But I have been overweight (technically obese) so I know what it feels like. I know how fat people think and feel (and rationalise and justify). I know what it feels like to avoid clothes shops and be embarrassed to walk with people, trying to keep up without puffing.

Because I know what it feels like, you will not find any lecturing in this program (although you will find plenty of tough love). That is because overweight people already know what they are doing wrong and what they should be doing instead. They just have real trouble putting it into practice. That is where Fat Chance! The no-going-back Weight Loss Program comes in. It will take you through the mental and behavioural changes that we all have to embrace.

I went looking for this program to help me to lose weight. When I couldn't find it, I wrote it myself. Now I have written it for you. This is not my story. Yes, I have changed how I think about food and eating, and adopted a new healthy lifestyle and so I know that what I have written works.

But more than that, because of my academic background and scientific training, I researched the latest scientific findings and integrated them into a comprehensive 12-week interactive holistic program that tackles the whole of weight-loss issues, not just the latest fad or trend. No pseudo-science here. It is about a much bigger picture.

I really want you to know what the Fat Chance! program is all about and the approach I take before you buy it. So please do take the time to learn how we can help you lose weight and view some of the sample pages. I want you to see how it is of the highest quality contemporary design, in full colour and illustrated, purposefully laid out to be a fully functioning practical workbook or interactive online program that you will write in every day.

Then I just know you will see that this is the healthy and sustainable weight loss plan that will change your life! It's not about me or us, it's about you! May I wish you every success as you journal your progress and change your lifestyle, for life. May you discover the slim person you were meant to be.

The weight is over! Start now! There will be no going back!

With my very Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Susan Maiava, BSc (Hons, 1st), MA (Dist), PhD.
Commonwealth Scholar


"Susan Maiava combines the
skills of an expert researcher,
a professional educationalist
and a passionate guide"
Dr Steve Withington,
Consultant Physician