About Fat Chance!

Fat Chance! Weight Loss will Empower You to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!
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The Fat Chance! Weight Loss Program is a revolutionary, new, 12-week interactive weight-loss program of daily personal journaling and healthy lifestyle change for sustainable weight-loss.

Best picture Susan with Fat ChanceNot a diet, Fat Chance! integrates the latest scientific knowledge and cognitive behavioural principles on how to lose weight into a weight-loss plan that really works!

Here's the Key:

Forget about how fat people diet, Focus on how slim people eat!

Fat Chance!
is a new way of thinking and living which focuses on learning how slim people think and eat.

You will be empowered with new skills, strategies and weight loss tips to not only lose weight, but keep the weight off for life!

You will learn to change your thinking, eating habits and lifestyle forever; how to work with your body to reduce hunger, deal with emotional hunger, establish new slim habits, eat a healthy diet and get active.

 Healthy Diet & Healthy Lifestyle
Get ready to become the slim person you were meant to be

This program will change your life!

Fat Chance!
is a high quality, easy to use, engaging, contemporary and practical weight loss workbook or online program, illustrated in full colour.  Over 12 weeks the layers build and lifestyle change is embedded.

I wrote Fat Chance! for myself when I wanted to lose weight and couldn't find what I was looking for. That's why it is unlike other weight loss programs and why I know it works. Now I have written it for you.

I researched the latest scientific findings (from both nutritional and cognitive behavioural perspectives) about how to lose weight successfully and integrated them into a comprehensive 12-week healthy weight-loss program.

Fat Chance! tackles the whole of weight-loss, not just the latest fad or trend. No pseudo-science here.

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This is a different way of thinking; a new way of living.

Be prepared for radical change.
               There will be no going back!


Fat Chance! may be used by individuals, groups, health care practitioners with their weight-loss clients, as a stand alone resource or in parallel with any other reputable program.


Start your journey to weight loss today by using our calculator to find out what your calorie intake should be each day to reach your weight loss goal. In Fat Chance! you will find out how to use this information and how to lose weight in a comprehensive, healthy and sustainable 12-week interactive weight-loss program.

Learn more about the Fat Chance! approach to weight loss and how to lose weight by watching Susan's Television Interview. There I explain our focus on learning how slim people think, eat and live, and why this weight loss program really works, because "if you think of yourself as a slim person, you will begin to act accordingly" and the weight loss will follow.

Take a closer look inside the pages of Fat Chance!

"This program will enable you to embrace the changes in thinking and behaviour needed to be successful in lifelong weight loss - we really encourage you to use it"

Mr David Schroeder
and Andrea Schroeder,
Obesity Consultants